How your windows can stay clean longer.

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It is always important to start from the top of your property and work your way to the bottom, so let’s do just that. The key is to not think about your windows but to think about what parts of your property might make your windows dirty again.

The first thing is the gutters or eavestroughs, now think about your gutters, are the insides of the gutters cleaned and are the downspouts clogged? If they are not clean and if the downspouts of the gutters are clogged, can you guess what is going to happen? When it rain’s, instead of the water going through the gutters, down the downspouts and going under the ground or on the ground like it is suppose to it will fill up the gutters with water and flow out of the dirty gutters like a waterfall and all the dirt the water soaked up like a sponge will get all of your property, including your windows, so if your gutters are not cleaned out and the downspouts are not unclogged, this might be something for you to think about doing before you get your windows cleaned, but wait, we are not finished with the gutters just yet, that’s right. What about the outsides of the gutters? Are the outsides of your properties gutters dirty? Now if there is just a little bit, then it might not be a issue, but if they are obviously dirty and could definitely use a cleaning, then maybe its time to get them cleaned, so how will this help with my windows staying clean longer? Well when it rains, water is going to get on the outsides of the gutters and if the outsides of the gutters are dirty can you guess what is going to happen? The water will soak up the dirt like a sponge and if it drips onto your window, the window will get dirty again. I also just want to give a quick tip to people that have gutters that are a more darker color, if your gutters are a more darker color, make sure you take a really good look when examining the gutter to see if there is any dirty on the outsides of them because they are really good at hiding the dirt from the human eye, especially if they are two stories and above.


The next question I have for you is do you have vinyl siding? Because vinyl siding can get really dirty over time and if you have vinyl siding that is dirty it might be a good idea to get it cleaned before you get the windows cleaned if you are wanting the windows to stay clean longer as just like the outside of the gutters if it rains, that rain will carry dirt that was on the vinyl siding and could potentially get onto the windows.


Now, do not worry. I know this is starting to sound expensive and although everything that was just mentioned is important when maintaining your property and keeping your windows clean longer. The most important part in our opinion is cleaning the window frames and again if the window frames are dirty and it rains, and the rain then drips onto the window, your window will most likely get dirty again.

Pure water window cleaning is the best way in our opinion for your exterior windows to stay clean longer, as it tends to get a lot of the dirt the human eye cant see off the window glass, window frames and window sills before the rain finds it. 

Very often, our customers let us know that the way we clean exterior windows seems to make their windows stay cleaner longer, now what if I told you it had nothing to do with a special chemical, but it had to do with cleaning the windows with only pure water, a bristle brush and strong attention to detail so the windows are cleaned not just to look pretty for a moment but to be cleaned thoroughly so that the windows have a chance to stay cleaner longer, even when the windows have to go up against the days that it rains.

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