Self isolating? Here's an idea. 

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Winter is here, yes, that's right, its the season where the weather gets cold and the sun is down most days by approximately 5:00pm. It's cold, it's dark and this time a lot of us are isolating ourselves from the rest of the world due to the corona virus pandemic. Unfortunately self isolating can have negative impacts on our mental health as we are having to adjust what we are used to in order to help mitigate the corona virus. We all are having to make sacrifices that are effecting our lives and it can be absolutely frustrating. If you have been spending most of your time self isolating, there are things you can do to enhance your self isolating experience whether its calling friends and family, excercising, cleaning your home, etc. If you are feeling bored, irritated or frustrated because of self isolation, the meaning behind this article is not just for us to say "Hey, have you thought about this, it might help enhance your self isolation experience" but it's also to let you know there are things you can do to better your self isolation experience and hopefully our idea can influence more idea's that will help people get through these challenging times. 


There are some people that see window cleaning as just a extra expense you have to pay for when maintaining a home, there are some people that have no clue that getting your windows cleaned is a important part of maintaining your properties windows and increasing the longevity of the windows and then there is the people that understand that having clean windows is not just a service but having clean windows is an experience, an experience that will enhance their lifestyle whether they are alone, working or spending time with their family. Think about it, your home and your place of work is where you are most likely spending most of your time. Now think about where the windows are in your home and think about where the windows are at your work. Let us begin by thinking about where the windows are in your home, are there windows in the kitchen where you are cooking? Are there windows near your dinner table where you are eating? Are there windows in your home office? Are there windows where you sit down to think or read a book? Now think about where you work or if you own a business and have employee’s think about where your employee’s are working, is there windows in the office, where they are working and spending most of their day? Are there windows where they are spending a short period of their day?

Now, think about each scenario, whether you are at home in your kitchen, eating dinner at the dinner table with your family, reading a book in your sitting room or when your at work whether its in your home office or at the office. Wouldn’t it be great to have more sunlight in every situation? Don’t you think the extra Vitamin D might just boost your mood a little bit more? When your windows are dirty, there are a bunch of dirt particles on the glass that are blocking the suns UV rays from getting into the house. Now you might understand how it is beneficial for your lifestyle, your family’s lifestyle or your employee’s lifestyle when the sun is out but what about when the sun is not out, and its either cloudy or raining out? Well, you will still have more lighting passing through the windows when they are clean then if they were dirty and its not always the extra sun that is going to better your mood, its just the extra light and sometimes its great to sit down by a window on a cloudy day and just think, read book or drink a coffee.

The great thing about having clean windows is whether its cloudy, rainy or sunny, you will have a bit more light passing through the windows then you did when they were dirty and the weather as you may know can have a impact on our mood that day.

We can get caught up sometimes in our finances and forget about our self, our family and our employee’s quality of life. When things look better, we feel better, live better and perform better. Think about a time your house was a complete mess and you didn’t feel very good about it, but once you cleaned up everything and had more space to walk around, look around and most importantly, more room to think, now add some extra lighting when you wake up, when your cooking, when your eating, when your reading or when your working. It is a feeling of being clean, letting go of unnecessary stress and feeling refreshed. Better lighting is not the only way having clean windows could enhance your lifestyle, but it is the most important.

Do you look out your windows often? If not, that is fine, having clean windows is not just about a better view, its about a better you.

All I ask, if you have not yet given it a try, try it, experience it, and see it for yourself.