Why you should get a snow removal service in 2020.

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Winter in Canada and the United States can come with a lot of snow and if you live in Canadian provinces like Prince Edward Island, Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan or states like North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Alaska than you know exactly what I am talking about when I say a lot of snow. Pulling out the snow shovel or snow blower can be a extra responsibility added on to all of the other responsibilities that you have in a day and most importantly it can also be very dangerous clearing snow off your property so here is a great way to get ahead start on those new year goals of yours without snow being a obstacle in your way.

1.     Time


I think it is important to put a magnifying glass over the word “time” every once in awhile, especially at the start of a new year assuming you are going over your new years goals that you want to achieve in 2020 and really sit down and reflect on how important time is to you, how much time you have and what it is you want to do with the time that you do have, in fact, how about you grab a pen and a piece of paper right now and write down those three questions to ask yourself about “time” at this very moment and then answer each question and write down the answers on the piece of paper, so take a quick break from reading this article, answer those three questions and then continue reading. Hello and welcome back to the article, okay so now that you have your answers written down I am going to confidently assume that there is a low chance after reading the question “What it is you want to do with the time you do have?” you answered and wrote on the piece of paper “Shoveling snow”. Okay, does this mean I convinced you yet? Well maybe, but if not I understand, you might give me a objection like well I don’t want to spend my time washing the dishes, cleaning my house or doing laundry but I still have to get it done and I cant just keep hiring people to do my chores for me or I will be broke, and this is definitely a great objection and I completely understand and agree with you that hey if you can do it and it will save you money to do it yourself then yes, most definitely you should do it yourself and save yourself some money but it will cost you time, time doing something that you do not want to do, time doing something that will not make you feel fulfilled and time doing something that will not make you happy unless you are a snow removal company, in that case you will be happy. Time is important and it is important how you use your time so before pulling out the shovel or any other snow removal equipment you have ask yourself if you really want to spend your time clearing snow off your property or if you would rather spend the time with family, friends, exercising at the gym, reading a book, working towards your goals or anything else that really matters to you, perhaps the things you wrote down earlier?















2.     Energy


Let’s just look at what is usually included in the wonderful season of winter in the provinces and states I mentioned at the start of this article and I am sure there is a high chance you are already getting anxiety thinking about it so instead of reading the rest of tis article you mine as well just go to your city’s local snow removal company’s website, if you live in Regina, Saskatchewan you can go to www.simplyproperty.ca and sign up for a snow removal service this winter, okay I understand you may not be convinced just yet and that’s fine so lets talk about what’s included in our winters. The cold weather of winter that gives us just the responsibility that we asked for of having to put on our winter clothes like a toque or beanie, scarf, gloves, sweater, another sweater, jacket, ski pants and boots so that we can stay warm but wait there is more and before I talk about what other responsibilities winter has for you I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder to plug in your car tonight otherwise your car wont start in the morning because it is so cold out in the winter, now back to other responsibilities winter has for you besides all the extra layers of clothes you have to carry around every where you go so you don’t freeze, if you don’t own a vehicle you will have to wait for the bus in the cold or you will have to walk in the cold with your heavy winter clothes and if you own vehicle as mentioned you will have to plug it in so it will start the next day, if it snowed you will have to brush the snow off your car and you will have to warm up you car before you drive it and that is all, just kidding, there’s more, you will have to walk through snow and be careful because you might slip, If you have a vehicle you will have to drive through snow and the roads can be slippery so you will have to slow down and if there is lots of snow you might even get stuck, great. I know, your getting excited about winter already and cant wait for the best of winter to come but wait I am still not finished, yes there is more included in this wonderful season and just when you thought the winter could not drain your energy even more you still have the responsibility of clearing the snow of your property. Unfortunately the cold weather and the snow can be a huge obstacle for us in Canada or the northern area of the united states and can add extra responsibilities to your schedule, slowing you down and draining energy from you that could have been used for something more productive. This winter you can make things a bit more easier for yourself by hiring a company to take care of your snow removal so you can have the extra energy that you can put towards pursuing those goals you are wanting to achieve in 2020.

3.     The danger


Thousands of people get injured every year from shoveling snow, whether its slipping on a piece of ice and breaking a bone or getting heart attack as your shoveling snow. The last thing you want is to get injured, stuck in the hospital or something much worse from shoveling snow. Hire a professional snow removal service that knows what they are doing so you can stay safe and healthy. I think its important to note that if you are shoveling snow for exercise, that there is much more safer ways of getting exercise then shoveling snow so do the right thing, put away the shovel or snow blower this year, hire a snow removal service and find a new safer way you can get exercise.



How do I find the right snow removal service to hire?

I thought I would add a section in this article on what you should look for in a snow removal company before hiring them to take care of your snow removal this winter. We did a article specifically on this already so this is just a quick, shorter and simple version of that article but if you would like to read a more detailed article on hiring the snow removal service the link will be at the bottom of this page.

1.     Reliable


When you sign up for snow removal services with a company, you should be 100% confident that they will be reliable and they will be there to clear the snow when you need them the most because the last thing you want to happen is to end up paying for a snow removal service but end up having to shovel your own driveway, hearing nothing but excuses from the snow removal company so before purchasing a snow removal service, make sure you do your due diligence and look for a company that is reliable.

2.     Quality service


Here are 2 important questions to ask yourself before hiring a snow removal service!


1.     How do they treat their customers?

This is very important because you want to hire a snow removal company that genuinely cares about their customers and is focused on customer satisfaction, you will have such a great experience without the headaches that you would get from a selfish, ignorant and greedy company. The main thing to remember is that you are paying for the service and you must set expectations with the company before purchasing the service and if you find the right company they will go above and beyond those expectations. Hiring a snow removal service should make things easier for you not more difficult and the company should be focused on providing the service when its convenient for you not when its convenient for them. The company should be professional, respectful, polite and accommodating to their customers, do not settle for anything less.

2.     How is the snow removal service?

It is important that you choose a company that is going to do a quality snow removal job, they must pay attention to detail and be thorough when clearing snow off your property.


The good thing about the internet is you can search the company you are thinking of hiring for snow removal services, check out their website, look at their reviews online and take a look at any photos of other properties they are taking care of for snow removal so you can get and idea of how well they take care of those properties snow removal and decide if it is the right company to take care of your snow removal this winter. Here is a link for more tips on what to look for in a snow removal company before hiring them to take care of your snow removal 


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