Gutter cleaning

Safety is important

We take safety very seriously, so we make sure our employees are trained to handle any task using the safest approach possible, whether it is a one-story home, two-story home, three-story home, or a five-story apartment complex, but we still understand that accidents can still happen and if they do happen we are covered with the right insurance to protect ourselves and our customers.

Cleaning out gutters can be a very dangerous task and without the right training and the right equipment you can be setting yourself up for a disaster, do the right thing, hire a professional and stay safe.

a cleaner method to gutter cleaning...

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Step #1

We take out all the major dirt by hand and place it carefully into a bag or a bucket.

Metal Rain Gutter

Step #2

We take being a cleaning company very seriously and our commitment to providing the best customer experience we can means that we have to go the extra mile with everything we do so once we have cleaned out all the major dirt we will then vacuum out all of the minor dirt that would normally make a big mess when using your hands, a leaf blower or high pressured water.

Rain Gutter

Step #3

Once we have cleaned out the gutters using our hands and vacuum, we then take a garden hose and spray down the gutters so that the water will soak up and extra dirt that was stuck to the gutter and carry it down the downspouts and make to make sure the gutters are working properly, if we then find that the downspouts are clogged, we will then take the garden hose and run it down the downspout and plunge the spot that is clogged without damaging the downspout until the spot that is clogged gets agitated enough to break up and make its way through the downspouts and onto the ground where it will then be bagged or vacuumed, if this method of unclogging the downspouts does not work, we will then disassemble the downspouts, unclog it, put it back together and run water through the gutter making sure that the gutters are working properly.

Corner of a Roof Gutter

Step #4

Most importantly, we clean up after ourselves once we are finished, we clean up any mess we may have made and put back anything we may have moved where we found it.

Gutter cleaning just got exciting, didn't it? 

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Cleaning a Rain Gutter